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TG Candles 16oz

TG Candles 16oz

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This was such a fun project! I designed 8 scents to offer a special collection for my customers. Each candle has its own distinct combination of comfort, familiarity, and love.

ThatGibson candles are handmade in Texas. Each scent was huffed and worked on by Stephanie for a special  collection of amazing smells for your home. 

80 hours burn time

TG Signature - Amber, patchouli, jasmine

Steph’s Cozy Candle - patchouli, clove, cedarwood

Well of Course - pumpkin, coffee, cinnamon

Twigs & Berries - berries, evergreen 

90 - cedar, citrus 

Can’t Stop - musk, orchid, jasmine

Scooch Closer - leather, vanilla

Dang That Smells Good - bergamot, cactus, coconut

Aprilcheeno - Mocha, espresso


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