Located on the street level of the Rogers Hotel in Waxahachie, Texas, ThatGibson brings SOMETHING DIFFERENT to downtown. Let me tell you this place is amazing and I can’t wait for you to stop by. Every time you come in you will see new inventory and items that are unique.


Help him keep his man card.

EVERYTHING in this store screams


Looking good, bro.

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There are so many parts of living in Texas that show up in ThatGibson. It is a priority to keep Texas alive and loved in our store.


    Take a walk through this amazing building. Feel the history and talent that is evident in every part of the Rogers Hotel.


    The hotel is named after the founder of Waxahachie, Emory W. Rogers. He built his log
    cabin home on the site in 1847, and after several years, built a two-story hotel in 1856. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by a fire in 1881. The Waxahachie Real Estate & Building Assocation built a second hotel on the site which also burned to the ground in 1911. The Rogers
    Hotel that stands presently was designed by Architect C.D. Hill in 1912, and opened in early
    1913. The project cost approximately $100,000. The hotel has twin four story towers constructed of reinforced concrete, faced with dark molted brick, trimmed with bedford stone
    and claimed to be “absolutely fire proof.” The West tower roof was designed with a roof
    garden restaurant with an incredible view of the city. The East tower roof was designed for
    sleeping tents for open air enthusiasts, while the basement boasted a billiard room, barber
    shop, and swimming pool. The hotel has gone through several owners and periods of
    vacancy throughout it’s lifetime.

  • Logo girl has been here since the first Waxahachie location. She will continue to be one of our favorite designs. Watch for her on upcoming collections at ThatGibson.